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ERP software soure code and books with explanation
about VKInfotek
faq frequently asked questions | visual basic sql server
to order the books by secure payment options for delivery in Americas, Europe, Africa
highlights of the book develop azure cloud applications using C#
contents of the book develop azure cloud applications using C#
highlights of the book database programming using c#
database programming using visual basic, c# (c sharp) sql server
Develop Web ERP Software using ASP.Net and C#
Develop ASP.Net Web ERP Software Contents
contents of the book ASP.Net MVC 5 Application Development Using Entity Framework 6 and VS 2015
Project Ideas for students of Engineering and MCA students
accounting software used in various industries
using assemblies in .net applications
How to implement form validation using ASP.Net 2.0 Validation Controls in a Web Application
constructors in Visual Basic.Net
Develop ERP Software
developing erp software using, sql server 2010
android book contents
which book should i buy
compare features of erp software development books
Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
vkinfotek provides solutions for programmers
accounting in AFRICA
accounting software in africa
trading firm
visual basic .net sql server project
who is a complete programmer
college project
how to create and sign a shared assembly
data access using ado .net, Visual Basic 2005, dataset
middle tier component for accessing sql server using visual basic .net
databinding | binding data to a datagrid control
data binding | CurrencyManager and BindingContext
dataset in visual basic .net data access
namespaces in visual
business, presentation and data layers
structure | creating | accessing data in visual basic 2005
access database in visual
user custom controls in C# visual basic 2005,, application
Develop your own Web Accounting Application Using ASP .Net 2.0
How to use CompareValidator Control in 2.0
SQL Server 2005 authentication methods
state management in an application
sql server security
database software
Performing Custom Validation using the CustomValidator Control (C# 2005)
ajax a brief tutorial of its usage
connection string for connecting to data sources
visual 2005 Strings for performing database tasks
visual basic 2005 constants
visual basic .net enumerations
visual basic 2005 formatting numbers
type conversion in visual basic .net
visual basic 2005 arrays
visual basic 2005 variables
classes in visual 2005
Develop an Accounting Application using Visual Basic | client server
highlights of book title develop an Inventory Management Application using Microsoft's Visual Basic
client server sql server, application development using vb for a network
contents of book titled developing inventory software using microsoft's visual basic
develop your own web accounting application using
ERP Articles
accounting software using visual basic
open source accounting software features
arraylist/ 18 pages
difference between arraylist and list collection
retrieve arraylist items using for each loop
retrieve arraylist items using indexers
insert items to the arraylist using insert and insertrange method
find item in arraylist using indexof method
bind arraylist with gridview control in asp net application
how to bind arraylist with dropdownlist in asp net application
: how to bind arraylist with radiobuttonlist in application
convert arraylist to string array
convert string array to arraylist
convert datatable into an arraylist
convert dataset to arraylist in using c#
how to retrieve arraylist items in reverse order
array vs arrylist
how to create and add items into the ArrayList in csharp
how to add items to the arraylist using an add method
retrieve arraylist items using enumerators
azureqa/ 101 pages
what is windows azure platform
tell me about azure platform
why is azure a flexible platform
what are the datacenters which serve azure services
brief overview of azure platform services
briefly state the purpose of each of the services offered by azure platform
how can i use azure platform
what are windows azure compute services
what are the typical characteristics of azure application
match the windows azure execution models with cloud computing delivery models
briefly explain azure virtual machines
briefly explain azure websites
what are the components of windows azure platform
explain the storage service of windows azure os
apart from compute and storage services, what are the other services in windows azure os
Azure OS vs Windows OS
what is appfabric
briefly explain service bus queues
briefly explain service bus topics and subscriptions
what are azure access control services
what is azure fabric controller
what is a scalable cloud application
how to create highly scalable web application in windows azure
what is a web role
what is a worker role
what is a cloud service in windows azure
describe a web role and a worker role in a development scenario
how does azure recognize the number of instances to be created for a cloud application
explain windows azure compute environment
explain azure cloud services execution model
list the available virtual machine sizes
developing windows azure applications
creating a parallel processing application in windows azure
creating a scalable web application with background processing in windows azure
how does fabric controller place and manage role instances of an application across fault domains
what is a local storage and how to configure local storage resources
service configuration and service definition files in azure
what are compute emulator and storage emulator
how do we setup the development environment for azure applications
what is azure storage
what are the benefits of scalable storage service
why azure cloud applications need consistent, durable, and scalable storage service
what is storage account
why azure storage
how many types of services does azure storage service provide
what is blob storage
what is azure table storage
what is azure queue service
where does my storage account reside and how to choose its geographic location
give an overview of the azure standard storage account
compare storage options in azure storage services and amazon web services
on what factors does azure storage billing depend
why is replication important
what is an affinity group in azure
what are storage account end points
what are storage account urls
what are storage access keys
how to create a storage account
how to monitor storage account
capacity of a single storage account
give a brief summary of storage account
azure storage partitions
why should i use windows azure table storage
what are the benefits of table storage
difference between sql database table and azure storage table
explain azure table storage data model
why to partition azure table
what is azure table primary key
guidelines on how to choose partition key and row key
explain how partition key is linked to scalability
how do partitions work in storage services like blobs and queues
what are entity group transactions
how to access the azure table storage from a .NET application
what is an azure storage connection string
how to configure azure connection strings
how to configure azure connection strings for connecting to the storage emulator
how to create a table in azure storage
how to create a table using a simple c# console application
how to insert entities into the azure table
how do i retrieve a single entity from table storage using tableoperation
how do i query azure table storage using TableQuery class
how to update records in a table storage
partitions and queries
how to insert multiple records in a transaction using TableBatchOperation
partition size in azure table storage
what are the typical query types for table storage
explain blobs data model
how to address resources in the storage emulator
configure the .net application for using storage emulator
how to create a container and upload a blob using the server explorer
how to use the windows azure blob storage service in .net
key benefits of SQL database service
two models of using sql server in the cloud
choose between sql server in vm and sql database
how to access data in azure sql database
create and configure sql database server in the cloud
how to configure the sql database firewall
how to connect sql database instance with sql server management studio
how to connect to a sql database with
build a windows azure application that works with sql database
connect to windows azure sql database using the entity framework
cloud/ 1 pages
azure cloud computing for the microsoft .net developer
intro/ 4 pages
we request microsoft to look into these suggestions
cloud computing for the common man and students
Azure storage is the mechanism to store data on the cloud
Azure massive scaling integrated into design
detailsview/ 19 pages
GridView and DetailsView Master/Detail page using SqlDataSource control
GridView and DetailsView Master/Detail page using ObjectDataSource control
detailsview vs formview control
DataBinding a DetailsView control
DropDownList and GridView Master/Detail page using ObjectDataSource control
DetailsView databound event
DetailsView integer type conversion error?
Using detailsview control datakeynames property
How to get the datakey value in DetailsView control
DetailsView autogeneraterows property
DetailsView fields
Formatting DetailsView control with style properties
using Boundfields in DetailsView control
Display message using EmptyDataTemplate in the DetailsView Control
How to access DetailsView's fields programmatically
Bind a DetailsView control with a DropDownList control
Using Command buttons in DetailsView control
Using Commandfield element in a DetailsView control
Using buttonfield in a DetailsView control
entityframework/ 22 pages
query entity data model using linq to entities
entity framework entity data model
entity framework orm object relational mapper
querying entity data model using objectcontext
create entity data model using entity framework designer in visual studio
using ado net entity data model in windows applications
create sales order management data model using edmgen exe tool
display data in a gridview using entity data source control
ways of querying entity data model
query entity data model with object services and entity sql
query entity data model using linq methods
parameterized objectquery against a entity data model
query entity data model using entity client
linq to entities query with projections in c#
entity framework - save changes to entities
entity framework - insert new objects
add an entity to associated entities
deleting entities using deleteobject() method of objectcontext
entity framework - load method
eager loading using include method in entity framework
entity framework - retrieving a single entity
binding entity framework to a listbox in c#
erp/ 20 pages
ERP software development
ERP case studies
ERP pain - failures
ERP Software
ERP Business Processes
Technologies required for ERP
ERP modules
ERP - Sales and marketing - CRM
ERP - Purchase module - SCM
ERP software design
ERP software domains
ERP software features
SAAS ERP software
Web Based ERP software
ERP software maintenance
ERP Courses
ERP software development topics
ERP Purchase
ERP training
ERP usage
formview/ 1 pages
FormView DataBound event
gridview/ 18 pages
GridView CommandField example
what is a gridview databound controls
Binding a GridView control programmatically with dataset
Using fields with the GridView control
Using the GridView AutoGenerateColumns property
How to bind GridView control with SqlDataSource control
DataBinding a GridView control
Binding a GridView programmatically with Generic List Collection
Adding boundfields to a GridView control
Adding button fields to a GridView control
Create Templatefields in a GridView control
Access a value using SelectedIndexChanged() event when a row in a GridView control is selected
How to restrict an item from being selected using GridView SelectedIndexChanging Event
How to add a new row in the GridView control by using the GridView Footer Template
Gridview datakeynames property
Retrieve a non-primary DataKey value from a GridView
Formatting GridView control with CSS
GridView rowDataBound event
linqtosql/ 1 pages
convert a sequence to a generic list using ToList()method
mvc/ 1 pages
Creating an ASP.Net MVC 3 application
oops/ 15 pages
Calling base class constructor in C#
abstract class inheritance in
New C# Language Feature: Automatic Properties
Compile time polymorphism - Method OverLoading
constructor overloading in
procedure overLoading in
visual inheritance with windows forms
Abstract class constructors in
abstract class inheritance in visual
base keyword in c#
constructor initialization in
inheritance in
inheritance in visual
parameter array in
static constructor in c#
poco/ 22 pages
poco class, entity framework in enterprise applications
rules to create a poco class
what is change tracking and ways of change tracking mechanisms with POCOs
how to load related poco entities using lazy loading pattern
using the DetectChanges() method to Fix-up Relationships in poco entities
poco vs entity framework generated classes
how to create a poco class in entity framework
loading related poco entities
how to perform snapshot change tracking using detectchanges() method and its pros and cons
how to create change tracking proxies to track changes in poco entities
how to instantiate poco classes using ObjectContext.CreateObject method
entitykey object in entityframework
retrieving a single entity with GetObjectByKey method of ObjectContext using EntityKey
how to create an EntityKey in entity framework
how to load related entities in entity framework
how to change the state of an entity using ChangeObjectState method of ObjectStateManager
change the state of an entity using changestate method of objectstateentry class
update an entity in a disconnected scenario using ApplyCurrentValues method
How to reset the original values using ApplyOriginalValues method
objectstateentry class
entity state in entity framework
AcceptAllChanges and SaveChanges methods in Entity Framework
webservice/ 8 pages
how to create a web service using visual studio .net
why create a web service
tools we use to create a web service
deploy a web service
testing a web service
technologies used in web services | SOA | XML | Web
consume a web service
create a web service