Q49. Where does my storage account reside and how to choose its geographic location?

Your storage account is created in a datacenter chosen in the Location dropdown in the Create Storage account dialog in the Azure management portal. Location refers to the geographical location of the data centers. Microsoft offers 19 data centers and you can choose one from the list.

storage account creation dialog

It is better you choose the same location for your storage account and your hosted services (for example cloud services hosted solution). This avoids latency to storage, and azure will not charge for bandwidth between computation and storage in the same location. If you choose different locations for storage account and hosted services, Microsoft will charge you for the bandwidth. While choosing a geographical location, remember to choose the data center location which is near to the customer’s location. You might also want your data to be stored in specific countries for legal reasons as some countries have strict rules over location of corporate and organizations data.

Once you select a geographical location for your account, you will not be able to change the location at a later date.

Important words:


Bandwidth is a measure of the rate of available capacity of data. For example, network bandwidth refers to the capacity of data transfer from the website which can be monitored and recorded by bandwidth monitoring tools.


Latency refers to the delay caused to access data by the application when both the application and data in different data centers