Q44. Why Azure Storage?

Importantly, Azure Storage has features which are very much necessary for cloud applications. They are:
  • Highly Scalable
  • Durable & highly available
  • Designed for developers
  • Global reach
  • Cost effective

How does Azure achieve all of the above.

Highly scalable

By default, Azure Storage maintains auto-partitioning system. It means that whenever traffic demand is high, Azure automatically load-balances your data across servers to meet traffic demands. Using the above technology of auto-partitioning, Azure Storage keeps up with your growing data needs.

Durable & highly available

The data which is stored in Azure storage is automatically replicated (three times in the same datacenter) to secure the data against hardware failures.

Designed for developers

As of today developers are quite familiar with building applications using .NET, Java, Android, C++, and Node.js. Microsoft has designed the Azure development process in such a way that the acquired skills for developing today’s applications are preserved. Microsoft provides client libraries which developers can use to access storage services.

Global reach

Microsoft has ensured that the Storage service runs across many continents in many regions. You are advised to place your data near to your customers for speedier response and better performance. This ensures that data is widely available and while keeping up with the performance requirements.

Cost effective

This is an inexpensive storage option for storing large amounts of rapidly scaling data. Microsoft expects you to pay only for that storage capacity which is used, which turns out to be lesser than on-premise storage in the long run.