About VKInfotek Inc.

Our Mission:

To make it easy for software developers to learn ERP Software Development by providing End to End knowledge (user interface to reports), covering multiple devices such as desktop, web and mobile, knowledge which can be applied in the real application development world.


To ensure that all required information, logic, code, validations, industry standard design, tips to avoid pitfalls is given and text and topics are arranged so as to guide the reader to quickly and smoothly traverse the path of learning ERP development. At the end of it, the reader should be on his way to be a complete developer.


To be the best and affordable resource for learning ERP development.


ERP is the chosen domain. It covers 5 major domains Finance, Manufacturing, CRM, SCM and Stock. The fact that we teach entirely different domains meets our stated objective of enabling the reader to be skilled in complete application development.


We have chosen .Net as the platform as developers can learn to develop applications for the desktop, web and mobile using the common programming skills. Visual studio and C# language are chosen and the reasons are intuitive integrated editor, technology to handle data, debugging tools, ability to develop cloud applications from within the editor and importantly backed by Microsoft, a company which has a history of supporting its products.

  1. VK Publishers is the Publishing arm of VKInfotek, and is in business since 1999. The Publishing arm overseas the book publishing business.
  2. VK Infotek is in business since 1995. VKInfotek is a software firm providing custom solutions to customers in and around Bangalore, Mysore and Hyderabad.
  3. VK Infotek was selected as an innovative case study by NISIET, a 'small industries entrepreneurship promotion' firm, sponsored by the World Bank
  4. All books registered sold by VK Infotek are registered at ISBN - an international organization for maintaining database of all books published.
A sample List of Corporate Customers -
  • STFB - A software company in USA providing accounting software solutions
  • Student Resources Foundation Inc, Largo, Florida
  • REIMS, California, USA
  • Infosys - A software services company operating worldwide listed on NYSE and Japanese Stock Exchange.
  • Wipro - A software services company listed in NYSE.
  • C-DAC - A Govt. of India company.
  • Toner in Stock, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
  • Zenith Bank - South Africa.
  • IIM (Ahemedabad - A Leading Management Insitute, in India.
  • IIM (Bangalore).
A sample List of Individual Customers -
  • Mr. Oj Newman, Consultant, USA.
  • Mr. Seven Lee, Indonesia.
  • Mr. Patrick Macann, Accountant, Florida, USA.
  • Mr. Francis Chukwunyem.
  • Ms. Seetharam, Technical Consultant, Computer Associates.
  • Mr. Rogerio Cossa, Republic of Mozambique.
  • Mr. David Shuute, Dubai.
  • Mr. Zhu Qi, Singapore.
  • Mr. Unissa Sessay, Sierra Leonne, Network Engineer (ATM).
  • Mr. Abdul Rahman Ansari, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Mr. Denise R Clay, Little Rock, Arizona
  • Ms. Mercylita M Escosa, PH
Books selected as Suggested reading for the students of VTU (The Single Largest Technological University in India), Branch - Computer Science.
  • VKInfotek banks with State Bank of India and Canara Bank, Large Public Sector Banks(Govt. of India).
  • We ship the Books under the "Educational Books" Category, availing the low shipping costs. Regular Shipping costs are $40/- per book by FedEx.
  • Books Reviewed by PC World Singapore and The Business Line - Review here of Develop An Accounting Package, a Premier Economic Newspaper in India.
  • Books selected by Govt. of Karnataka, Department of Libraries, for purchase by all Libraries in Karnataka.
  • Learner's Pack offer is available to customers from India also. (For exact pricing do call us or email).
  • All payments have to be made by Bankers Cheque or SBI Bank Transfer. Note that Bankers Cheque has to be in the Name of VK INFOTEK.