Thank you for the followup! Yes I received the book and have read most of it. It is very practical! I bid on a project two weeks ago and if I get the project I will be using the book as a reference to do the project. It's sitting on my desk now with all my other primary references. Thanks again for the book.


Thanks for the support and prompt dispatch of the book. I am developing a commercial application for a reputed customer and am now confident of delivering the solution on time. Thanks.

Leslie Braden, New Jersey. USA.

Krishna: I did read the book and thought it did an excellent job of explaining accounting methodology from a programming point. My background is accounting and am new to programming. I bought the book for the programmer on my current project who needs help with the accounting/reporting part of his program.

Steve Santus, Penn

Hi there, Never thought that this will so useful. My wife tells me that we can now have our own Client/Server Accounting Application and not waste our hard earned money on packaged software. Thanks and keep in touch.

Gary Craig (Gary's Collections) Wichita, Kansas. USA.

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