Q50. Give an overview of the azure standard storage account?

The Storage account gives applications access to Blob, Table, and Queue services. Remember, the Storage Account is a must to access all the Windows Azure storage services. After we subscribe to a Windows Azure account, we are allowed to create a Storage account in the Azure Management portal.

azure storage account overview

As Figure depicts:

A blob resides in a container. Containers provide a way to organize sets of blobs. Each container can contain an unlimited amount of Blobs, each of which can be upto 1 TB in size.
An entity resides in a Table.
A message resides in a Queue.

Storage account is the highest level of the namespace for accessing Blobs, Tables and Queues. A single Storage account can contain an unlimited number of Containers, Tables and Queues but not exceeding 500 TB (this number is expected to change as Microsoft revises its pricing) in total. Applications hosted on the cloud or on-premise can access the Storage account.