Q45. How many types of services does Azure Storage service provide?

Storage service provides:

  1. Blob storage
  2. Table storage
  3. Queue storage
All these three services are highly secure, scalable and highly available.

Blob storage is used to store and retrieve Blobs. A Blob Storage can store massive amount data such as audio, video, email messages, archived files, zip files or a word processing document.

Table storage is used to store and retrieve structured data called entities. A Table Storage can store enormous amounts of structured data in a tabular way. Even though, it stores data in a row and columns format, Table storage is not a relational database. It is a Microsoft’s NoSQL data store. In table storage we cannot set the relationships between tables.

Queue storage is used to store and retrieve messages. This service enables you to implement message-based communication between your different components of the cloud application. This service plays a vital role in building scalable cloud applications.

All data in storage service will be replicated three times in the same datacenter to ensure high availability and prevent loss of data.