Adding boundfields to a GridView control

To establish control over displaying columns in a GridView control, we have to set the AutoGenerateColumns property to 'false' and define a BoundField object for each column to be displayed in the GridView.

Using BoundFields, we can customize the header text by setting the HeaderText property. To format the data displayed in the GridView column we use DataFormatString property of BoundField.

When we use a BoundField for a column, the value of a data item is displayed as text. We need to use one <BoundField> only, for each column. The <asp:BoundField> tag has three important properties.

Property Description
DataField Specifies the name of the field that the boundfield displays
HeaderText Displays text in the column header
DataFormatString Specifies the format string to format a data item

Other properties we can use with <BoundField> column are:

Property Description
FooterStyle Enables footer column formatting
FooterText Enables text display in the column footer
HeaderStyle Enables header column formatting
HeaderText Enables text display in the column header
ItemStyle Enables to format a data item

You can find a lively discussion on How to create custom bound fields in GridView - here

Steps to create a <BoundField> column are:
The first step is to declare a GridView control and set the AutoGenerateColumns property to 'false'. Next, create a <asp:BoundField> element within the <Columns> element. Define a <asp:BoundField> element for each column we want to display as text. Specify the name of the field we want to display in the DataField property.

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1"  DataSourceId="MyDataSource" DataKeyNames="AccountCode" 
ShowFooter="true" AutoGenerateColumns="false"
	<asp:BoundField  DataField="AccountCode" HeaderText="Account Code">
		<ItemStyle Font-Size="Large" />
	<asp:BoundField  DataField="AccountName" HeaderText="Account Name"  	
    		FooterText="Enter Footer Text">
		<FooterStyle CssClass="FooterStyle" />
	</asp:BoundField >
	<asp:BoundField  DataField="AccountDescription" HeaderText="Description" />
<asp:SqlDataSource ID="MyDataSource"