Q4. What are the datacenters which serve Azure Services?

Datacenters which serve Azure services are located in many places of North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Japan. As of now, located more than 30 regions around the world.

A datacenter contains many containers and each container has thousands of servers in it. A data center is not just a set of computers but includes systems to handle telecommunications, storage facilities, fail safe systems, power and backup supplies, security systems, temperature control systems and disaster safety systems.

different locations of azure datacenters

Any company which has a requirement of handling software in its varied locations usually sets up datacenters in the vicinity of the locations. Similarly, when a company avail Azure services it should locate its software in the datacenters in the vicinity of its customers.
Companies such as Microsoft and Amazon are designing their data centers which are fully automated and manual intervention is kept to a minimum.

Important Words:

Fail safe

A fail safe data center has the ability to correct itself with the least damage or minimal damage in case of a failure.

How is this possible?
In Azure cloud environment, applications are insulated from the physical server with a layer called as virtualization layer. Due to this design, if there is a failure at the data center, applications are not affected and they can be moved to another server without any down time. You will understand this more clearly when we come to questions dealing with Virtual Machines.

Disaster safety systems

Disasters can come in many forms. Tornados, earthquakes, thunder storms are all events over which man has no control. Data centers are made disaster safe to the extent possible but data is made safe by replicating the data in other data centers.