Q7. How can I use Azure Platform?

You can use the azure platform in many different ways.

You can build a web application using this platform and run it in Microsoft datacenters.

You can make this web application accept data from user and store it in the datacenter.

You can use this platform to store only data. This data can be accessed by an on-premise application.

You can create virtual machines and use it for developing applications and also use it as a testing environment.

picture showing virtual machines in a testing environment

Azure is popular among developers as they can build scalable applications.

ISVs (Independent software vendors) can chose this azure platform to create SaaS application which are used by multiple organizations via the internet.

Creating data streaming application

Create data streaming applications, special storage capability is required and Azure provides Blob storage service which meets this need.

Depending on your requirement, you can subscribe for the appropriate service and you will be charged only to the extent you use it.

At the end of this Questions and Answers series, you should be able to answer two critical questions. One, which service has to be used for a specific purpose. Two, what is going to be the projected cost of using this service for a specific period of time.

The above list is not an exhaustive list but is a list of common scenarios. If you want a comprehensive list of scenarios, contact us by email.

Important terms:

Testing Environment

While developing an application, developers need to test the application in a production environment. The testing environment should be similar to production environment in terms of technology. In a test environment a sample set of end users will be able to access the application and use it.


SaaS stands for Software as a service. This is a delivery model in which the software is accessed by end users to the extent they need it. Office 365 is an example of SaaS. It includes popular Microsoft tools like Power Point, Excel, Access and Word.


ISVs stands for independent software vendors. ISVs are developers and software companies which use a platform to develop software applications. Platforms here could mean OS and software frameworks. When more ISVs are available for a platform, then more is the value offered by the platform.