Q5. Brief overview of Azure platform services?

Let us now dig deeper into the Azure platform. The next set of questions will help you understand Azure in more detail. When we look at this platform from client perspective, Azure is essentially a collection cloud services being offered to the client. These services are applicable to a wide range of applications and cover large number of technologies.

Because of wide range of services available, it is a powerful platform among its competitors. These different services satisfy many customer requirements from very big enterprise to a small company or an individual developer.

Understanding these services in broad perspective is very important to use this platform to its full capability. The purpose and working of these services is the key to comprehensively grasp the application of Azure platform.

Microsoft has grouped its Azure services into main categories and under each category there are many sub categories. Services offered appear in the Azure Management Portal under their respective categories.

The below are the main categories of services in windows azure platform.

azure services overview

  1. Windows Azure Compute services
  2. Data management services
  3. Network services
  4. Developer services
  5. Messaging and integration services
  6. Backup services
  7. Media Services
  8. Mobile services

Important words

Management portal

It is the web interface azure gives to access all of its services.

Requirements of big enterprise

A big enterprise in this context refers to an organization which typically millions of users accessing its website, having a wide range of services with a global presence. Also the load on the web site varies thus necessitating a more granular control on its web site host resources.