Q3. Why is Azure a flexible platform?

Azure Platform is a flexible cloud platform because:

It allows a developer to use multiple languages and develop applications.
Provides many services.
Offers different execution models to accommodate and run most types of applications.
Scales resources up and down instantaneously.

1. Allows a developer to use multiple languages and develop applications.

Developers can use multiple languages such as .NET, PHP, Node.Js and Java develop applications. Existing skills can be used to develop cloud applications. Azure provides separate and independent SDKs for each language.

multiple language development overview

2. Provides multiple services

Azure also provides multiple services such as: Data services to store data, separate data services are available to store relational and non relational data. Azure also provides networking services, mobile services, media services, backup services and many more.

azure services overview

Compute services to run applications.

Compute Services run applications and Azure provides services under this category, which are:

Virtual Machines
Cloud service
VM Scale Sets
Remote Apps
Azure Batch
Service Fabric
Container Service

Each of these service is designed to optimize user’s requirements and cover most of the development and deployment scenarios.

execution models overview

4. Scales resources up and down instantaneously

After deploying an application on the cloud, developers can scale up the resources to run their applications, that is increase their compute and storage resources instantaneously, when they anticipate an increase in traffic and volume of data. This can be done from the Azure Management portal. Similarly, when decrease in traffic is observed or anticipated, requirements can be scaled down, thus reducing the cost.

Users can pay only for what has been used. This gives the user an unmatched flexibility to develop and deploy an application and test them in the market before launching it.

Important words:

Scaling up or down

Simply means increasing or decreasing the power of compute and storage capacities available to an application.