Q2. Tell me about Azure platform?

The previous answer would have given you a very brief introduction of Azure platform. Now let us delve a bit deep in to the platform. The Azure platform enables us to build, host, run and manage applications in the cloud. It offers a wide range of services using which we can develop, test, deploy, run and manage applications.

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Azure services are categorized into many sections and some of the sections are listed here. These services run on different Microsoft data centers located across the world and can be accessed by anyone from anywhere. Let us see the purpose of each category of service.

Compute Services run applications.

Web and Mobile
Services which are related to Web apps, Mobile apps, Logic apps, API apps and Mobile services.

Data and storage
Services which are related to SQL and noSQL data services.

Services which are related to Big data and analytics.

Internet of things
Services which are related to connected devices.

Networking and CDN
Services which are related to virtual networks in Azure, secure cross-premises connectivity between Azure and your infrastructure.

Enterprise Integration, Identity and Access Management
Active directory services, authentication services for cloud and on-premises applications.

Developer Services
Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and application monitoring.

Important words:

Microsoft Data centers

Microsoft has set up what they call Data centers, consisting of hundreds of computer servers which are housed in containers and run the Azure cloud platform. Data centers are located in many places of North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Japan and each data center run the services. Data centers allow software developers to choose which datacenter to host their applications.


Development is the process by which a software application is created in a step by step process using an editor and a compiler. A software engineer who creates software is referred to as a developer.

Azure allows a software developer to develop his software applications using its infrastructure. Microsoft has included many SDKs in its development infrastructure to enable the developer to develop applications using many languages and frameworks. These features make Azure a powerful and attractive platform for developers too. Given the fact that there are hundreds and thousands of developers who already possess skill sets required to develop applications.


After an application is created it has to be deployed on to a platform for it to be used by a user. All the applications developed using the azure development infrastructure can be deployed on to the azure platform.


A resource when available to users on ‘use and pay’ basis is commonly referred to as a ‘service’ in cloud parlance. All resources are available to the end user as a service in Azure.


A framework is a set of software assembled together to provide a developer the means to quickly develop an application without recoding parts of an application which are common in many applications.