Accounting Software in Africa

There are many accounting software vendors in africa. There are products which have been developed from ground up for the african market and there are products which have been imported from other countries. Developers who have developed accounting softwares for the african market, proudly claim that they carry the South african label.

Most, if not all imported accounting software require customization. Whereas softwares built in south africa for the south african market need less or almost no customization.

Like in any other market, most accounting software come with a payroll module. The main accounting module typically is sold in three flavors one for the small segment, one for the medium segment and one for the large segment.

There are many types of support packages offered by accounting software companies. The regular package is one in which you buy a software package box, and then you avail a anual maintenance contract. To make a break through in th market, there are some companies which offer the box free of cost and you need to pay for the annual maintenance contract.

SAP business one also has its presence in south africa with a wide network of partners and resellers. SAP business one, is a solution offered for small companies with a requirement to connect 1 to 250 computers.

List of Accounting Softwares available in Africa

Turbo Cash
SoftLine Pastel

Sage pastel

Cubit Accounting Software (Open Source)

Orange Works sftware

PBS-Easy Books