Complete Programmer

A top draw programmer is one who can visualize a complete Application, end to end, and equipped with the relevant skills, is able to lay down the steps and processes for developing a complete application.

Our aim with the erp software development books is to make this possible for you. We have sought to do this by imparting the skills in a capsule form, so that you will master a set of major concepts at a time, gain the expertise and become a Complete Programmer.

Each book of the series has a set of objectives.

The title "Develop an Inventory Management Application using visual basic" sets out to teach how Object Oriented Programming can be used to drastically reduce code and optimize a Database Application. User Interface design which is based on OOPs enables code reuse and facilitates a compact design and set of forms and code, enabling you to handle large projects with minimal room for errors.

Before moving on to Client Server programming, a model used in many of the large projects, a Programmer should know Networking, not at the level of a Hardware Engineer but, at a level at which he can understand an IP Address, etc. So, in the client server book titled "Develop an Accounting Software using visual basic", we have focussed entirely on all the issues of Networking which are required for developing a Client Server Application. Stored Procedures which are the heart of any good database application are dealt with in detail in this book.

The Web Application book titled "Develop your own Web Application using ASP.Net" teaches all that is required for developing a commercial application which can be hosted and browsed by a Web Browser. More importantly, you will develop the web application using the Stored Procedures from the C/S book, thus making it easier for you to get the big picture.

Datagrids which form the crucial presentation part of any database application are explained in detail. Techniques like deleting a row in a Datagrid, adding a row in a Datagrid, saving data in a Datagrid and much more are delt with in detail.

Developing web applications requires that you know the topic - State Management among many others, in detail. Not just that, but enough techniques to actually manage "State" in a Web Application. You will learn this in relevance to a real time application and thereby clear all your doubts regarding this advanced topic.