Develop an Accounting Software using Visual Basic and sql server

what is in it for you

Visual Basic Client Server Application Development

To develop a Client Server application, one needs to have a clear understanding of client side issues and server side issues. This is precisely the objective of this book, to give you a complete ground up information on how to set up a client server network, how to design the interface, how to setup the database, design the database, program the stored procedures and handle multiple clients simultaneously.
  • Develop commercial applications to run on a network using Microsoft's technologies, Visual Basic and SQL Server.
  • Discover the power of combining ADO and Sql in Visual Basic (VB) for data manipulation.
  • Program forms, transactions, and reports of an accounting application using Visual Basic.
  • Secrets of hard coding, techniques used by professionals who develop quickbooks, SAP, Peachtree, STFB, MYOB revealed.
  • Own the source code (Visual Basic) provided in the book and use it to your benefit.
  • Covers all networking topics and helps you build a foundation in networking.
  • Retreive and save transactions over a network using Microsoft's Visual Basic (Visual Basic).
  • Design a database for a client server application.
  • For setting up client server network you should know the following :- DNS Server, IP Address, Domain Model, Domain Controller and Active Directory Services. With this book it is easy to do all of these effortlessly.
  • Master Server Side programming. Learn writing stored procedures, triggers and setting constraints.
  • A great resource for programmers working in service companies like Accenture, Infosys, SAP Implementation, IBM and consultants.
  • Creating a Connection object in Visual Basic.
  • Retrieving records from the datasource in a Visual Basic Application.
  • How to create Multiple Command Objects Using a Single Connection object in Visual Basic.
  • Using the Execute command, insert a new record, update and delete a record in a Visual Basic database application.
  • Executing a Stored Procedure in SQL Server having INPUT and OUTPUT parameters using a Command object in Visual Basic.
  • Creation of RecordSert in Visual Basic as a Server-side Recordset and Client-side Recordset.
  • Assigning a Lock in Visual Basic for a client-side Recordset object.
  • Navigating a recordset and Binding controls to a recordset in Visual Basic.
  • Use a recordset to add a new record, delete and modify.
  • Add a Class to the project in Visual Basic.
  • Creating Database Integrity constraints using scripts.
  • These set of books are a hands on guide to gain proficiency in accounting applications is a sure step towards ERP application development.