Q56. What are Storage Account Urls?

As discussed in previous Q&A, storage accounts contain blobs, tables and queues. These resources can be accessed by an URL. The URL is built by appending the object's location in the storage account to the storage account endpoint. For example, the below URL is used to access a blob, whose storage account name is 'myfirststract', container name is 'movies' and the file name is 'movie.mp4'.

Ex: http://myfirststract.blob.core.windows.net/movies/movie.mp4

A Storage account can have many containers. These containers are called blob containers because they can hold only blobs. A container provides a grouping of sets of blobs. The container name is unique to a storage account and so the same container name can be used in a different storage account. Policies can be set only at the container level. Setting 'Public' allows everyone to access the files within the container. Setting 'private' requires authentication to access the blobs in a container.

Similarly, the URL used to access the Table 'users' is -

To access a Queue 'messages' , the URL is -