Q58. How to create a Storage Account?

In the previous questions, we have discussed what is a storage account. Now we will see how to create one. To create a Storage Account we should have an Azure subscription. A subscription can be a free or a paid subscription. After you avail the subscription, open azure management portal and do the following.

1. Sign in to the Azure Management portal using your subscription logon details.
2. Click New, click Storage, and then click Quick Create to display the screen shown below.
3. In URL text box, enter a name, which will be your Storage Account name. This name will be used to address objects that you store in Azure Storage.

storage account creation

Note that the string you type is appended with .core.windows.net. URL refers to a string which is validated by Azure. It should be unique across subscriptions.

A Blob service is addressed using this URL - http://myfirststracct.blob.core.windows.net. Similarly, a Table service is addressed using the URL - http://myfirststracct.table.core.windows.net and a Queue service : http://myfirststracct.queue.core.windows.net

In Location/Affinity Group, select a location or an affinity group to which you want your storage account reside/belong to. Location refers to the geographical location of the data centers. Microsoft offers 8 data centers from which you can choose to deploy your services. It is recommended to select the same data center for all your cloud services and also the one which is near your targeted audience. Each storage account of yours can belong to any of the location or affinity group. You choose your location /affinity group for a storage account based on other services which you intend to deploy.

Enable or disable the geo-replication checkbox as desired for your storage account. Geo-Replication check box is enabled by default. Leave it as it is, to avail the service. As the name Geo-Replication indicates a copy of the storage account (data in the storage account) is replicated to a different location which is 100s of miles away from the primary location but on the same region (continent). In case of a disaster in the primary location, the secondary location becomes the primary location and a new secondary location is created.

Under Replication, select the desired level of replication for your storage account. The recommended replication option is Geo-Redundant replication, which provides maximum durability for your data.

Click Create Storage Account to complete the process of creating the storage account. Storage account creation takes some time and you will be notified after the storage account is created.