Title: Database Programming using C#, Visual Basic and SQL Server

database programming using vb, c# and sql server book

Highlights : What is in it for you?

  • Accounting Software Development Secrets Revealed.
  • Develop a complete accounting software using VB and C# which runs on a network.
  • Jumpstart your career in the .Net world with this book.
  • Discover the power of using ADO .Net with Visual Basic, and C#.
  • Design an application based on three tier architecture including Data Layer, Business Layer and Presentation Layer using Class Libraries, with VB, and C#.
  • Write Stored Procedures for implementing business logics, including inserting, updating, retrieving and deleting data from database.
  • Add, edit and delete data in Datagridview control placed on a Visual Basic form.
  • Call Stored Procedures in C# and VB applications.
  • Learn how to implement Overloading and Overriding in a Visual Basic application.
  • Learn the architecture of ADO .Net (Disconnected architecture) and build superior applications using Visual Basic and C#.
  • Master how to use .Net DataProvider components including Connection, Command, DataReader and DataAdapter
  • Master how to access a database using DataReader.
    • Establishing a connection with Connection object.
    • Executing commands with Command objects.
    • Using DataReader to read data from the database.
  • Master how to access a database using DataSet in Visual Basic.
    • Establishing connection with Connection object.
    • Instantiating Command object.
    • Instantiating DataAdapters.
    • Setting DataAdapter Command properties, Select Command, Insert Command, Delete Command and Update Command.
    • Populating the DataSet using the DataAdapter in Visual Basic.
    • Typed vs UnTyped DataSets.
    • Creating the DataSet object.
    • Populating the DataSet using the DataAdapter.
    • Navigating through Dataset.
    • Updating DataSet using DataTable and DataRow objects.
    • Updating the Database using DataSet and DataAdapter.
    • Detecting and handling changes to data in a DataSet.
    • Accepting or Rejecting changes to data in a DataSet.
    • Clearing records in a DataSet.
    • Copying structure of a DataSet to a new datatable.
    • Filtering the DataSet and Populate the Listbox.
    • Moving to a particular row in the DataSet using the Binding Context object.
  • Program a transaction with ADO .Net using Transaction object.
  • Implement Visual Inheritance in Windows forms in Visual Basic .Net Application.
  • Create a Class Library for Data Layer and Business Layer in Visual Basic .Net.
  • Works on .Net 3.5 and 4.0 framework.
Building blocks of C# Application, OOPs theory,
how to use in App Development, Accounting Fundamentals for Programmers

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