Web Based ERP software

Web based ERP software is an ERP system that requires a web-browser to use. A web based ERP software can be built using open source combination such as PHP and mySQL or aSP.net and SQL server. PHP and asp.net work on wide range of operating system thereby increasing their usability.

To write the programs of such a web based ERP system, a language like vb.net or c# along with a ASP.net framework has to be used.

A web based ERP software should have a light weight user interface to minimize the data transfer during each cycle. A web based ERP software has to be developed based on a three-tier design.

The presentation layer should include all the web forms and some of the validations and AJAX scripts if any. The business layer contains all the business logic of all the modules of the web based ERP software. The data layer includes the sql server database.

A web based ERP software has to be hosted on a reliable web hoster so that the application is secure and always ready for use. A web based ERP software requires lesser in house IT infrastructure as compared to a client server system.

The requirement of server management software and associated licensing is eliminated in a web based ERP software. Many companies are now realizing the benefits of a web based ERP system as compared to a client server system.

Examples of such benefits are data such as sales orders can be entered from any location. The need for IT staff to maintain an in house ERP infrastructure is eliminated to a large extent when a web based system is used. Training the staff on a web based ERP system is much easier as any computer with an internet connection at any location can be used for conducting training sessions.

From the maintenance perspective web based ERP systems are easier to upgrade and install as installation is done in one place and is available to all users and there are no registry settings to be made as in the case of a client server system. Changes have to be made only on the web server.