ERP Courses

As mentioned in another article on this web site, training courses are specific to particular ERP software packages. The popular ERP software packages are SAP, Oracle Financials, Baan, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. SAP and Oracle financials are the most popular ones among the above.

The makers of SAP and other such companies tie up with private institutes to provide certified training courses.

Such courses are usually of short duration and put the participant through a rigorous schedule. Participants with prior functional experience are suitable for such training programs.

Separate courses are usually conducted for modules such as finance, manufacturing, sales and marketing and material management.

Academic institutions integrate ERP courses with management courses are integrated with management courses and curriculum is designed to suit the management students.

A study of the data recorded in each department is required before one attempts to understand the feature and data entry forms of the ERP software.

To understand the data recorded in each department the trainees should be exposed as a part of the ERP course curriculum to the various business processes which occur in the departments of the company.

The ERP course should emphasize on the aspect that whenever a business process occurs a set of data is recorded which completely defines the business process. Such detailed examination of all the business processes which occur in accompany will lead to an appreciation of the importance of data recording and business process.

The ERP course curriculum should be designed so that students are exposed to the various aspects of the ERP software in a graded fashion resulting in a comprehensive and detail understanding. At the first level the curriculum should include the activities and business processes which occur in accompany.

At the second level, the relationship between each activity, the business process and data recorded should be taught. At the third level the ERP curriculum should include the department wise data entry forms and the relationship with the activities should be shown. At the fourth level, participants can be taught how the data entered in the data entry forms is shown in reports.

At the last level, the macro features such as creation of masters, editing, deleting etc can be explained.