ERP - Sales and marketing - CRM

Any company would want to have a good and fighting sales and marketing force to compete in the market. A comprehensive sales and marketing ERP module will help a company stay competitive and streamline their sales and marketing activities.

A sales and marketing ERP software allows activities which begin from contacting customers which are referred to as pre sales activities to be recorded. It also allows tracking of each customer orders right from placing an order to dispatch of material for that particular order and customer.

Automating the sales force activities such as visits to customers, expenses, competitor assessment is possible with the ERP sales and marketing module.

Many a times payments have to be received from customers after dispatches are made. An ERP sales and marketing module allows executives to contact customers and follow-up each and every sales invoice and receive payments for such invoices.

Target setting for marketing personnel allows managements to monitor target achievement by individual marketing personnel. This feature in the ERP software enhances the working of the marketing department and ensures personnel are not working aimlessly.

A good sales and marketing module also has features to track lost orders and identify the reasons for loosing those orders. Business partners and franchises are a common phenomenon in today's world. Latest ERP software will associate marketing personnel to their business partners and franchises and allow them to track and monitor their performance.

ERP sales and marketing module will allow the preparation of reports to track sales trends over different periods, drill down for the consolidated data, allow for sales forecast and give a birds eye view of the sales and marketing activities of the company.

A good sales and marketing ERP module is an essential feature of an ERP software.