ERP software domains

A garment or textile or Apparel manufacturing company activities begin with purchase of cotton which is knitted into threads and these threads are woven into a cloth. This large lengths of cloth is washed and dyed.

This cloth is processed and passed into large printing machines which print different patterns on the cloth. This large lengths of printed cloth are cut to pieces and given to tailoring units which stitch the apparel.

ERP softwares for the garment companies should be able to record the above business processes beginning with purchase of cotton and ending with packing of stitched garments.

The Apparel ERP software should be able to create masters for styles, garment patterns, customer database including details like the styles and patterns like a customer usually buys, the price quotations for these customers, rejects from each customer and stock levels of different sizes of Apparel etc.


A construction ERP software should be able to handle each project undertaken by a company and record all details starting from bidding for the projects, project awards, project commencement, various stages of the projects, completion of the projects.

The ERP software customized for construction activities should allow for data entry from project sites so that projects can be controlled from a central location. As projects progress the ERP software should be able to record the various stages including material consumed, labor used, machines used and consumables consumed on a daily basis.

Made to order

The Made TO Order companies undertake production of components after orders are placed.

The customer order is the starting point for such companies to begin production. Many computer manufacturing companies have a business model in which they commence computer assembly on receipt of a order.

The ERP softwares for such made to order companies include features such as an interface for customers to place orders instant notification to all suppliers of requirement of components, interfaces to accept components, assembly of components and delivery and receipt of computers by customers.

Made to stock

The Made TO stock companies produce components and products on assumption that a certain number of orders will be booked in future. ERP softwares for such companies track their manufacturing activities and their stock levels.


One of the important challenges a Pharmaceutical company faces is to manufacture products of good quality consistently while adhering to government regulations. Expiry of Pharmaceutical products on the retail shelves will result in losses for the company.

Given such type of challenges a Pharmaceutical company will be much benefited by using an ERP software.

Batch numbers and lot numbers are common to any Pharmaceutical products. A Pharmaceutical ERP software allows for manufacturing products and allotting them batch numbers and lot numbers which will be later used to track production quality, raw materials inconsistencies, quality testing.

Once the products leave the factory and are in the sales and distribution channels, batch numbers and lot numbers are used to track the products. Manufacturing and expiry dates are associated with a products lot number and batch number and company ensures that products are move to the shelves as soon as they are manufactured.

Pharmaceutical ERP software allows for integration of some of the companies data with hospitals and suppliers. This allows online checking of availability of a product by hospitals.