ERP training

ERP software training broadly can be categorized as two types. One, training provided to executives on the ERP software which is being installed in the company. Executives are grouped and training is provided for the area in which they operating daily. For instance, the finance executives are exposed to finance module of the ERP software and similarly executives from the manufacturing department are exposed to the manufacturing module. The goal of a such training program would be to encourage employees to use the ERP software to the maximum and ensure that maximum return on investment is gained.

Two, graduates and professionals undergo training on ERP softwares which are popular in the market. When companies find that training in house staff is not possible for various reasons, they hire professionals already trained on the ERP software.

The opportunities for such openings are many and more popular the software more the openings. However, the training fees for such ERP software is very high and one should be careful before undergoing such training.

There are many instances wherein ERP professionals have spent large amounts of money in anticipation of a lucrative job and have found that on completion that openings are in far flung areas and are under stressful conditions.

Care should be observed when such training institutes are chosen to undergo ERP software training. There are many fly by night operators who vanish with no trace and ERP certifications from such institutes will be of no value when recruitment at large and reputed companies.

A third and more rarely conducted training program is on developing ERP software. Creating and developing an ERP software is a complex and long drawn out process. The goal of a such training program is to shorten the learning curve for a programmer and there by make him productive earlier than if he had to learn all the steps on his own.

Such training programs are very expensive and require faculty drawn from multiple fields such as accounting, manufacturing, sales and marketing and material management. Faculty proficient in programming tools such as visual, c# and sql server are required to provide such a comprehensive training program.

To make the training program a world class one, graduates should be taught right from installation of the sql server software, creation of databases and tables, stored procedures, business logics, user interface for ERP systems, ERP architecture, management information reports for ERP software, deployment and maintenance.

A good training program is one which communicates to the staff that the ERP installation is vital for the future of the company and the staff. The following three issues have to be considered before deciding on a training program.

  • Training cost for an individual programmer
  • Training time for expertise in ERP software
  • Training time or period for expertise in developing or creating ERP software