Q11. Briefly explain Azure Virtual Machines?

Azure Virtual Machines is one of the Compute services available in windows Azure platform. Using this service we can create virtual machines in the cloud and run applications in them. This service will be referred to as Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) because the VM is considered as a infrastructure to host and run the applications. After creating a VM, it can be configure and maintained as desired.

  • Using the Azure Management Portal, one can create virtual machines.
  • In the Azure Management Portal, Azure provides VM images and each image consists of combinations of software like OS, database tools and many other software tools.
  • VMs available as basic tier and standard. We can select a suitable size based on our requirements.
  • We can also select the data center in which we want the VM to reside.

virtual machines execution model

The advantages of Virtual Machines are:

Companies can move their existing servers to VMs and reap the advantage of cost savings.
Virtual Machines are flexible as one can install any software in the VM. Also software not available readily in the Microsoft gallery can also be installed in the VM.
An IT professional will have full control over the Virtual Machine. He can increase the size, switch on and off the VM as desired. You pay for the time you have used the VM.

The drawbacks of Virtual Machines:

It’s the user’s responsibility to configure, patch, and maintain the operating system and any other software that runs on the virtual machine.
User has to perform administration tasks such as applying updates and take backups as and when required.
User has to pay for the operating system and other software licenses including databases which are installed on the VM.
User has to handle application failovers and data corruption.

Important terms:

IT professional

IT professional is a software engineer whose one of the responsibility is to provision VMs in an organization.

Microsoft gallery

Is a collection of VHD images and each image is a combination of software. For example one image could consists of a Windows OS and SQL server.