Q15. Apart from compute and storage services, what are the other services in windows azure os?

Apart from compute and storage services, the other services in windows azure operating system are:

Virtual Network service

This service is used to connect an on-premise application to a cloud application. Azure uses IP-Sec protocol to connect a local machine or local data canter on which your on-premise application is running to a cloud application which is running on VM in the cloud.

CDN Service

CDN is an abbreviation for Content Delivery Network. This service is a caching service provided by Microsoft to access frequently used data, such as Blob data. The Caching service locates frequently accessed data closer to its users and helps in speeding up access to that data.

Fabric Controller

This component of Windows azure manages all applications, software and hardware and every part of underlying infrastructure within its purview. Many Fabric Controller instances exist across data centers to manage the infrastructure

Important words:

IP-Sec protocol

IP-Sec protocol is an internet protocol and it facilitates secure exchange of data.

Local data center

A data center which is located in an organization and which is managed by IT professionals whose primary job is to maintain the systems.