Q21. What is Azure Fabric Controller?

Fabric controller is an important piece of software in the Azure ecosystem. Fabric controller uses the Virtual Machines to allocate CPU time and memory to applications and ensures that the applications run properly and are available all the time. The Azure Fabric Controller functions as the Kernel of the Azure operating system as discussed in an earlier question.

fabric controller

It is a distributed application and is aware of all the computers, switches, load balancers and applications running within its environment.
It is responsible for deploying, managing and monitoring of applications in the Microsoft datacenter.
It manages the operating system in each instance of the Web and Worker roles of an application.
It also handles updates to system software throughout the platform and has a role in applying OS patches.

Important words:


We all have probably heard of switches and we use them in daily life. We use them to ‘On or Off’ an electrical device. In computer terminology, a switch is a device which is used to connect computers and devices.

Load balancers

A load balancer is a software is intelligent enough to monitor the web traffic and accordingly direct the traffic for optimizing the available resources.


All software developers would have done this task during the course of their work. After writing code, it is compiled and then deployed for use by the end user. In azure too, we can deploy applications and open them up for use by end users.