Q41.What are the benefits of scalable storage service?

Many applications today require a storage service which scalable, durable, and highly available. Microsoft has designed the storage service to meet these needs.

Azure enables us to design the applications for a global audience and start running the applications on a smaller scale and as the needs become more, scale the applications. Applications which use storage service can be scaled in terms of the amount of data stored and the number of requests made against it. Azure Storage is capable of storing trillions of transaction data and handles millions of requests per second.

For example consider an Xbox game. As a developer of a game, you will be aiming to attract users from all over the world. However, you would like to pay for the hosting service only to the extent this service being used. Azure provides for this with the flexible scalability feature.

Data stored in azure storage can be consumed by a wide range of internet aware clients as it is based on REST (Representational State Transfer). Any application whether it is running in the cloud, or on-premise can access Azure storage from anywhere in the world. Also, the data in storage service can be accessed from wide range of applications and devices like mobiles and tablets.

Important words:


Xbox is Microsoft’s premium gaming console and is widely popular. As its usage increased, the data it handles also increased, creating a need for cloud based services for its users. As of today xbox is tightly integrated to azure cloud providing a rich user experience.


REST is an abbreviation for Representational State Transfer. As internet evolved web services proliferated and this created a need for a consistent design guidelines to create web services. These guidelines are referred to as REST and mostly deal with how web services should interact with other entities.