Q90. How to create a container and upload a blob using the Server explorer?

Open the server explorer and click on the Windows Azure Storage node. Using the Storage node we can display data from the local storage emulator account. Expand the Development node to see the resources - blobs, queues, and tables in your storage emulator account.

Right click on Blobs and select Create Blob Container option. The Create Blob Container dialog box is displayed. Enter the blob name as movies and click the OK button. All container names in the storage account are displayed under the Blobs node. Right click on a container name and then choose View Blob Container to display all the blobs in a particular container.

server explorer

Note that Blobs are organized by containers, just like files are organized by folders. We can define any number of containers in a storage account. The name of the container is an important part of the URL.

Add Blobs to the Container

In the previous step we have created a container. Now, using the server explorer, we will add some images to the new blob container.

1. In the server explorer, select the Blobs node and movies container. A second window named movies is displayed (refer Figure) and a new menu appears on the toolbar on the right side of the screen.
2. Click Upload Blob option on the toolbar to open the dialog box.
3. In the dialog box, choose the file you want to upload and click on the open button. By default, the selected file name becomes the blob name.

dialog to upload blobs

As shown in the below Figure, there are two images in the movies container and each name should be unique inside the container.

server explorer with images in a container