Q87. Explain blobs data model?

Blobs data model includes Azure Storage Account, Container and Blobs.

Storage Account

Storage account is a gateway to access all the Azure Storage services. Windows Azure Blob Storage Service is based on the REST protocol and can be accessed by an on-premise application and applications deployed in the cloud.

blobs data model


A container provides a grouping of a set of blobs. The container is like a folder in which we store items. All blobs must be located in a container and can not directly reside in a storage account . An account can contain an unlimited number of containers, as long as their total size is under 500TB. Further, a container can store an unlimited number of blobs.

Containers can be public or private. In public containers, blobs can be accessed over the internet by all, whereas the blobs in a private container can be accessed only by the account holder. An application can access both public and private containers however, it should provide the credentials when accessing a private container.


A blob resides in a container and is a storage file for storing certain category of data. As shown in the Figure, there are two containers Movies and Images. These two containers reside in the storage account mystorageacc. The movie and image blob files are stored in these containers separately.