base keyword in c#

In c#, to access members and functionalities of the base class, the 'base' keyword is used within a derived class. In the given code, we have used 'base' keyword to call the constructor of the Account class.

class Account
        private string mCode;
        private string mName;
        private string mdescription;
        private double mBalance;

        public Account(string code, string name, string description, double balance)
            mCode = code;
            mName = name;
            mdescription = description;
            mBalance = balance;
        public Account()


In the below code, the derived class constructor - 'PartyAccount' receives the values first and which are then passed to the base class constructor.

class PartyAccount :Account
      private string mAddress;
	private string mPhone;
public PartyAccount(string code, string name, string description, double balance, string address, string phone)
        : base(code, name, description, balance)
        mAddress = address;
        mPhone = phone;

    public PartyAccount()
        : base()


Note : The 'MyBase' keyword in is the counterpart for the 'base' keyword in c#.