Q96. Create and Configure SQL Database server in the Cloud?

Now, we will see how to create a new SQL Database server from the Windows Azure portal. When we say ‘new SQL Database server’ we mean new ‘virtual server’. Note that there is no concept of creating a physical server and we can create only a virtual server. When we create a virtual server, we are in fact creating an instance of SQL Database server in the Cloud. Under an instance of SQL Database, we can create any number of databases.

A prerequisite to create an instance of SQL Database server is that you must have a Windows Azure account. Using this Azure account, you can login to the Windows Azure portal and do the following steps.

Click NEW -> SQL Database and then click Custom Create. The New SQL Database Custom Create dialog box is displayed (shown below). In this dialog box, you can set:

  1. Name : Enter SOMdb - Sales Order Management database as the database name.
  2. Edition: Choose Web or Business depending on the size of your database.
  3. Server: Select New SQL Database Server. When you select this option, another dialog box is displayed in which you can set the administrator login account details.

login to azure sql portal

Login Name: Type in the name of the administrator. A new SQL server authentication login which has administrator permissions will be created with this name. Remember, there should be no spaces and the name cannot be a Windows user, nor should it be a Windows Live ID.