Q.68. What is Azure table primary key?

The Azure table's primary key = PK + RK which means Partition Key + Row Key.

As in a relational database table, the primary key in the azure table uniquely identifies each row.

The primary key for an Azure table is the combination of PartitionKey and RowKey properties which forms a single clustered index. Note that all entities in a Table are sorted by Partition Key and then Row Key.

Queries which specify these keys will be more efficient, and all results returned are sorted by PartitionKey and then by RowKey. Both properties are specified as string values and may be up to 1 KB in size. It is the developer's responsibility to provide values for these properties when a new entity is inserted, and to include them in any update or delete operation on an entity. When constructing an insert, update, and delete query, you must include the RowKey property in it.

azure table primary key

While deciding the Partition Key and RowKey, we should remember that the values specified impacts scalability, query performance and operations efficiency.
So, Azure Table's primary key is the combination pair of Partition key and Row key.