Q74. What is an Azure Storage Connection String? Where should we define it?

We are all familiar with the connection string in .Net applications and using it to gain access to different data sources like SQL server or mySql. Similarly, Azure Storage Connection String, as the name indicates, is used to connect to the storage services.

In the previous questions and answers we have seen what is a storage account and how to create one in azure. Recall that Applications need storage account details to access the storage in the cloud. Hard coding your storage account details in the applications, raises security concerns.

We define a storage connection string and specify Azure storage account details in it. And store the storage connection string in a configuration file. By doing so, security concerns are overcome.

This storage connection string can be point to the storage in the cloud or to the local storage. If the application is running locally, the data will be stored in the local storage and managed by the storage emulator. We need to create separate storage connection strings for local development and for the cloud. Remember, different storage connection strings are required for different target environments.

Where to define Storage Connection string?
If the application is a cloud service we can store it in the Azure service configuration file. If the application is on-premise application, store your connection string in an app.config file (desktop) or if it is a web application , store it in the web.config file.