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The best way to judge and evaluate a software is by comparing it with a well established product.

In this page, we have compared VK ERP our main flagship ERP product with SAP ERP business one which is a leader in ERP software for industries.

VK ERP software is a software product and solution developed in-house by ERP professionals with both product development expertise and industry experience.

This is the reason you will find that the product while being sophisticated, is both intuitive and not complicated.

To ensure maximum benefit, you will get the complete source code and a step by step explanation of the programs, database schema, validations, screen design, financial reports and many others.

Included is a detailed explanation of all the domains including finance, sales, purchase, manufacturing and inventory. The purpose of this end to end coverage is to ensure a quick learning curve for you, with no need to search for relevant domain knowledge from other sources. More over, we have organized the information in a structured manner which will make it easy for you.

To keep you in competition in the fast changing world, you will also get to master Python, IoT and BlockChain Technologies.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of all the features included in VK ERP and how it compares with SAP ERP Business One (B1).

By mastering VK ERP books and source code, you will get a strong foundation in ERP at the same time you will be able to quickly learn and master any other ERP software including SAP B1, SAP S/4 Hana, Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite.

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Comparision with SAP Business One

Features VkInfotek ERP Software + Source Code + Books SAP Business One
Chart of accounts
Setting up and working with G/L accounts
Supports Multi-level creation
Pre-defined template which caters to all industry verticals
Extending chart of Accounts hierarchy
Flexi Chart of accounts to create comprehensive financial reports
Basic Chart of accounts template to get started quickly
Built-in G/L Accounts to confirm to standard accounting principles
Smooth Data Recording to save time Journal entry Preview to simulate the situation
Smart validations to ensure data entry in sales, purchases, payments
Built-in intelligence to record transactions to implement zero error recording
Automatic double entry rules implementation to streamline purchase and sale and credit memos transactions
Amount prompting to minimize errors
Database support SQL Server, Possible to change databases with suitable ODBC connections SQL server and SAP HANA
Extending backend functionality ✓ Database schema available with stored procedures and can be modified
Manual Journal vouchers ✓Add /delete /edit
Automatic Journal Entries - Purchase, Sales and Inventory processes
Opening Balance Entry possible
Cost Accounting
Financial reports
Journal Voucher report
Chart of Accounts with multi-level report
Trial Balance
Cash Flow Statement
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Cash Bookt
Bank Book
General Ledger
Purchase Register
Sale Register
Credit Note Register
Debit note Register
Cash flow forecast
Stock Register
Receipt Notes
Drill down
Ratio Analysis
Customization Customization with C#, and source code available Customization with C#, APIs
Sales Accounts Receivable
Sales Quotation
Streamlined Sales process
Sales Order
Sales Return
Accounts Receivable Invoice
Sales reports
Cash Sales
Purchasing Accounts Payable
Streamlined procurement process
Purchase order
Goods receipt PO
Goods return
Accounts Payable Invoice
Purchasing reports
Accounts Payable Credit memo
Accounts Payable Debit Memo
CRM Basic (can be extended) Advanced
Handling Incoming payments
Cash and Check
Handling Outgoing payments
Cash and Check
Check Register
Banking reports
Business Partners
Business partner master data
Creation, Displaying and Deleting
Customer / Lead Master
Vendor Master
Material Requirements planning
Managing forecasts
Item Master Data ✓Stores relevant details of items Stores essential info used in multiple BPs
Items Classification
UOM Unit of Measurement
Item Identification Unique code manual Supports UPC, universal product code and manual
Item Categories
Item Types
Item Groups
Creating Bar Codes
Inventory Transactions
Price List
Pick and Pack
Inventory Reports
Inventory status Report
Advanced available to promise (ATP)
Human Resources (HR)
Employee master data
Human resources reports
Bill of materials
Production orders
Issues to production
Receipts from production
Production reports
Project Management (PM)

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