Title:Develop Ethereum Blockchain Application

ethereum blockchain application development book

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Table of Contents

The objective of this book is to teach development of ethereum blockchain decentralized application, or dApp from scratch. Using this step-by-step guide with code examples and written instructions you can develop blockchain application in no time.

Chapter : 1. An Introduction to Blockchain Technology

  1. What Is a Blockchain?
  2. When to use Blockchain Applications?
  3. How Blockchain Applications work?
  4. What is Dapp and its Architectural view?
  5. Comparison between Web application and Dapp
  6. What is Ethereum Blockchain and Ethereum networks?
    • Main network
    • Test network
    • Ropsten
    • Rinkeby
    • Kovan
    • Private network
    • Ganache app and cli
  7. Ethereum nodes
    • Full nodes
    • Mining nodes
  8. What is a mining, gas and ether
  9. Ethereum accounts
    • Contract accounts
    • Externally owned accounts
  10. Transactions
  11. Blocks
  12. What is a Smart contract?
  13. What is solidity programming?
  14. What is web3.js?
  15. What are digital tokens?
  16. What are digital wallets?
    • Mist
    • Metamask
  17. Most popular tools to be used to develop Blockchain application
  18. Domain specific Blockchain applications
  19. ERP, Fintech, IoT, Energy, Supply chain and Logistics and Industrial and Manufacturing

Chapter : 2. Tools and Technologies to Develop Ethereum Dapps

  1. Setting up the Ethereum Blockchain Development Environment
  2. Creating a Truffle Project using a Truffle Box
  3. Writing a Smart Contract
  4. Compiling and Migrating the Smart Contract
  5. Testing the Smart Contract
  6. Creating a User Interface and interact with the Smart Contract using Web3.js
  7. Interacting with the Dapp in a browser

Chapter : 3. Developing Smart Contracts with Solidity Programming for Ethereum Blockchain Application

  1. Structure of a contract
  2. Best practices to follow while developing a smart contract
  3. Data types and data structures
  4. State variables
  5. Constructors
  6. Functions and Fun
  7. ction modifiers
  8. Loops
    • If
    • While
    • For
    • Do.. while
    • Break
    • Continue
    • Return
  9. Arrays
  10. Enumerations
  11. Mapping construct
  12. Events
  13. Sending Ether & Events
  14. Smart Contract Interaction and Inheritance
  15. Polymorphism
  16. Interfaces

Chapter : 4. Smart contracts testing and deployment

  1. How are smart contracts tested?
  2. How to set up a testing environment with truffle
  3. Testing Smart Contracts with truffle framework
  4. Testing Smart Contracts With JavaScript and execute them in a test network
  5. The 5 things that you must test in any contract
  6. Steps to deploy smart contracts on to the Ethereum Blockchain
  7. Deploy smart contracts onto the Ropsten testnet using MetaMask and Remix IDE
  8. Smart contracts deployment using Geth and Solidity compiler onto the Rinkeby testnet

Let us discuss a few learning objectives of this book