VKINFOTEK Videos Coding System

As you all are aware, our mission at VKInfotek, is to teach you application development in multiple technologies. This has been so since the last 20 yrs.

If you visit the home page of VKInfotek, you will see that we have covered six (6) technologies and in each one of them we have taught application development.

Now we are excited to launch detailed video lessons for all and this is free!!

Why are the Videos FREE?

Paid videos will restrict the number of people who will see the videos and learn. This is the reason. Letting more enables us to reach a wider audience and based on the feedback, create richer videos.

Readers can comment, ask questions and get replies from our chief trainer Mrs. Bharati K.

One of the first things we have addressed is the Coding System, and the code of the lesson will be displayed in each of the videos.

So, each video is a lesson. Each lesson has a number. As said earlier, the number (code) will be displayed and quickly explained at the beginning of the lesson.

So make sure you have completed the previous lessons also along with this lesson.

Coding system for Videos

The number will tell you the following:

The complete code consists of blocks. Each block tells you something important. The first block is Technology.


This block will tell you which technology is this lesson based on. Refer to this list to know the technology.

  • ASP.Net with C#
  • Python
  • Blockchain

Learning Level

This block will tell you whether you are in the basic series or in the advanced series.

  • Basic : BASIC
  • Advanced : ADV

Learning Activity

This block will tell you whether you are developing an application or you are preparing to develop one.

  • Preparation : PREP
  • Development : DEV
  • Deeper Concept : DEEPCON


This block will tell you which main topic you are learning. A collection of lessons make up a chapter. In a series, all chapters are numbered in sequence. So, in a basic course, chapter # 6 could be in preparation or development as the case may be.


This block will tell you which lesson you are learning right now w.r.t the video you are watching.

Every video will begin with the trainer telling you which lesson you are watching. So, try and keep a sequence and watch in a particular order to get the maximum benefits.

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