Promote Engineering College Faculty

With an Aim to Encourage and Promote good work in the area of IT (Software, AI, ML, ERP, Android, IPhone) being done by Engineering College Faculty, we are starting a new initiative. We plan to promote younger and enterprising faculty who have something to contribute and who are determined to succeed and grow both professionally and monetarily.

when a teacher learns the nation learns

With the introduction of the new NEP 2020, it has become clear that there are many changes which are to happen over the next many years. These changes will bring in many challenges which Engineering Faculty will have to face.

To face these challenges, we will contribute our bit.

Considering the number of Engineering Colleges with faculty numbers crossing 5000, many initiatives such as this one are need of the hour. Ours is not the only one and will not be the only one.

Initially, we will focus on providing the faculty with:

  1. Provide this blog as a first step to publicise their ideas and suggestions and spread the same among all the Engineering Colleges and Companies
  2. Guide faculty on why and how to promote their talents using the digital media

In due course we will create a database of all faculty. A separate section will be created which will be publicized among all Engineering Colleges and Company heads.

So, if you have done any interesting work which you would like to be shown to the world do email us.

The only guidelines are:

  • IT related – Software, AI, ML, ERP, Android, IPhone
  • Relevant

If you have publicized your work just send in where you have publicised your work and we will further boost web page, with the required explanation of technical and business of your work.

No fees service.

This effort is a part of our larger goal of getting Engineering Colleges to Focus on Thrust Areas.

So, get going and make use of all opportunities to grow and succeed.

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