Learn as you Create

Learn as you Create Software

Observe college students today and you will notice the following:

  1. They get bored and are distracted quickly
  2. They have no faith in the education system
  3. They are creative

Do not for a moment think that this is a negative article. What I have stated is observations from my experience of working with educational systems.

Let us analyze each of the above.

The problem is that most teachers are not aware of the above, and if they are, they do not know how to handle the students and motivate them.

Getting bored:

Students nowadays are quick to separate the useful and the nonsense instantly. This is because, they are so focused and well networked with peers, that the average age for mature behaviour in peer groups is reducing rapidly. A consequence of this is students know when a teacher knows his subject or not.

And, this is a good thing.

No faith in the education system:

Most educational institutes in the country and South Asia have become money making enterprises with no clear focus nor hope that they are in it with a competitive spirit.

On one hand they are unable to do research and come out with patents and on the other they are ill equipped to encourage startups.

With the institutions charging exorbitant fees, offering little soft skills training, and fewer respectable job opportunities, students think of colleges as a place to get a certification.


Students are more creative than ever. There are many reasons for this. Interaction with the opposite sex is one major reason. Compared to earlier times students freely interact with each and learn about life and social skills are quite early.

The next reason is availability of information.

The third reason is the possibility of creating proof of every idea they and sharing it with people across the globe.

The purpose of this article is to suggest a way to unleash the potential of students.

Learn while you develop or create

Educational institutions have adopt this mission if they want to survive the 5G onslaught.

What does Learn while you develop or create mean?

I am sure most college managements know what I mean by this. All that they have to do is create their own unique approach to training students and compete in the market.

We at vkinfotek have adopted this strategy since 1999. We teach the reader how to develop an erp and accounting software and in the process teach:

Accounting – including T accounts, double entry, accounts, chart of accounts, financial statements, validations, bank reconciliation and so on.

ASP core – structure, project templates, dependency injection, mvc and so on.

The key thing is students attention stays as they know they are getting something they can use, and that will be the key. And, it is not hard to adopt this strategy for all other subjects.

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