How to land a 6 figure salary job? 18 Tips!

Are you in USA? Kuwait? Euro? Bahrain? Oman? Whichever country you live in, this article will benefit you. Ok, to tickle you let me ask a question. What is common in all these countries? You will find the answer at the end of this article.

In this article, I will teach you 18 tips on how to position yourself to land a 6 figure salary very early in your career.

Read carefully and take your time.

Advance tip: To get started select any of the Tips which you like and you will see big changes in your confidence level and response of the potential employers. After you master the initial set of tips, move on to the others.

For a High Paying Job

Let us now take stock of what are the big changes happening. One is 5G and the next one is the convergence of technologies. The third one is the lowering of prices of smartphone. Why is this necessary to know? Because, all the high paying jobs require a good understanding of these technologies. As you read the below tips you will see how to bring these technologies in focus, to your goal of a high paying job.

How do you prepare yourselves for getting a high paying job in this business environment? If you are one of those who thinks there are big opportunities and you are suitable to get a high paying job, and it is possible to get a high paying job, you have come to the right place. In this article, I will outline the top 18 tips on how you should prepare yourselves to land a job with 6 figure salary and earn big. Remember, the bottom line of this article is preparing to get high paying opportunities. Once you prepare following these tips you will for yourself see where the opportunities are and how to get them.

Tip # 1: Choose an area of EXPERTISE – (domain)


Selecting a high job potential is the first Tip. If you select a domain which is a niche (rare) area then be cautioned that the job potential may be less, or a very high technology expertise is required. On the other hand, you may ask, in areas where the job potential is high, will there are not be many competitors?

Further, when you choose your area of expertise, list out clearly why you think this domain is the way to go.

Sure. And, where there is job potential, earning opportunities are more.

There is a purpose for putting domain as the first tip. You have to build your strategy based on the domain you have chosen.

Choosing a domain gives you a focus. The longer you stay in a chosen domain the quicker you will reach a high 6 figure salary.

So, start early. This is the reason why we are inviting students to read this article.

Tip # 2: Go for End to End

Within the domain identify the end points. What do I mean by end to end? Let us take ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This domain covers accounting, stock (inventory), manufacturing, hr, crm and scm. To give you an example on how zoom in on your domain think of the number alternatives in the erp domain. It can be development of erp software, installation and customization of erp software, selling of erp software, troubleshooting erp software for customers from vendors centres and so on.

Prepare yourselves to learn as much as possible in each of these domains, if ERP is your domain of choice. Research a little bit and you will see that accounts or accounting is the bedrock of all the other ERP domains. So, start with this domain and after you gain a certain amount of proficiency start learning the other domains.

If you want to have a better idea of end to end visit this page on ERP. It is on the subject and core skill of ERP developers and you will see how to equip yourself, for a high paying job. Similarly, for accounting or scm or crm developers. Similarly, you have to chart out end to skills for the domain of your choice.

Let us take a few minutes and list out why ERP may be a good domain or area of expertise for you.

  • ERP software are the most expensive in the world [so a better pay!]
  • Every company in this world needs some sort of ERP software
  • Localization is a big untapped opportunity and changes keep happening
  • The number of staff in an ERP software company are usually high in number
  • It consists of many sub domains
  • Within each job profile of a job in ERP, there are many skills to master

Similarly, identify at least 5 reasons why a particular expertise is your choice.

Identifying end to end of a particular is a bit tricky and if you are young, you may not able to do it properly. So, let me give you some tips, (tips within tips!).

Suppose, you have chosen seo in educational institutes, then creating a responsive website, social media presence, digital presence for students, digital presence for faculty, article writing skills for publishing articles, networking with alumni and content development for worldwide marketing.

The end to end focus will ensure that you have few competitors in the race to the top, which means a better salary.

Tip # 3: Use software tools to advance your career

The world is filled with software tools. You have to make software tools as the backbone for your daily work, career enhancement and make an impact in your job.

Use all the tools in MS Office for making a difference in your work and among your colleagues. For instance, use EXCEL to keep track of what is happening. And, ensure you maintain a diary of major events in your office. This will prove important as you go along.

Did you know that you can use PowerPoint to make great pictures and not just presentations. It is these sort of things which make you get things done fast and easily.

At the same time, learn to use the right tool for the right job. For instance, is a good tool for websites with heavy lifting. The Indiapost website is a case in point. It is fast, retrieves large datasets quickly and is fully integrated.

Distinguish between tools, languages, domain knowledge, and convergence of technologies.

The more software tools you use, the better it is for you, and chances are more that an employer will offer a higher salary.

Tip # 4: Scrutinize the latest job profile requirements

Keep checking on the latest jobs and profile being advertised. This is a great guide to know what is in demand and the trends. It does not mean you have to apply for the job. If you look at the job requirements as of the previous period, you will notice an uptick in AI and automation jobs. Banking and ERP AI domains have dominated the space. Most trends last for a while and no one can predict how long it will last. It is for you to research and make an estimate of each of the trends. For instance, ERP software installation is a long lasting area and jobs will be available for a long time. However, front end jobs in the legal job market will fizzle out as AI takes over these tasks.

Match your chosen domain with the latest trends. Suppose accounting is your chosen domain and the latest trends are IoT and AI. Then match accounting jobs which require knowledge of AI or IoT and automatically make yourself needed in the high salary or higher paycheck job market.

Tip # 5: Match your skill and aptitude to the job you seek

This tip is aimed at optimizing your aptitude and capabilities. This is somewhat inward looking and each one is the best person to do it for themselves. Sit down and evaluate what you have been good at all your life. Was it coding, was it domain and features implementation, was it testing, installations, troubleshooting, or is it machining, assembly, ideation, organizing, or is it public relations, service, public speaking, or teaching?

You see what I am getting at?

Each one of the above is a core skill to earn money. So, be careful and match your skill and aptitude to the job and you will naturally do well.

Tip # 6: Create a digital presence and a digital footprint

Do not forget to create a digital presence. It is not very expensive to create your own blog. Start a blog, select a theme, and start blogging on the domain you have chosen. The other topics you can write on are tools, resources, domain and the latest technologies which impact the domain.

This footprint you create has multiple benefits. For instance, future employers are keen to know if you have created a footprint.

Potential partners will study your footprint and will evaluate your approach and ideas. Creating a footprint also helps you to write at your own pace and be creative. It is a stage for you to show off your skills.

Make the blog your core digital footprint and around it have Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram as your additional tools to publicize yourself.

The more your publicize yourself, better will be chances to find a high paying paycheck.

Tip # 7: Plan a learning path

The key thing to mastery and success in a job is planning a learning path. Where to start? How to start? Will be some of the questions you may have.

Initially, design a learning path for a period of one year. And, from there on design a learning path building on the learning in the initial year.

Divide it into convenient quarters and learn each task, in each quarter.

Tip # 8: Use free resources but be ready to invest

There are many free resources. Compared to earlier days, learning is comparatively easier, however the smarter ones are learning deeper and able to contribute more.

Note, free learning resources generally have no value even though they can give you a quick introduction to a tool or a subject.

So, be ready to invest in training programs and allocate the time to learn and master.

Tip # 9: Keep your domain as the center and relate all other technologies around it

The clever and smart way to gain an advantage over your competing employees, is by keeping your core area as the focus and try and relate all the other technologies in demand, popular technologies and domains in relation to it. Suppose, you have chosen medical records as your domain try and relate AI to medical records.

Tip # 10: Go for startup jobs, but be cautious

Startups are increasing in number every day. Some of them are good some are not so great. However, if you get an offer from a job startup do go for it if the core business idea sounds good to you. Working in a startup gives you exposure to many aspects of working in an office and business. The experience will be valuable in the long run to work in a high paying environment.

Startups jobs can be used as a stepping stone to bigger jobs and challenges.

Tip # 11: Start working on narratives

A narrative is your recollection without referring to any documents, for a reasonable period of time, in a topic which is your chosen domain.

To take up a job and do well in your job you should shortlist the important topics in your work, and build narratives on each one of them.

This way you will be able to impress your colleagues and bosses, be the go to person in office. As you do it more and more your confidence increases and you will do better in whatever work you take up and impress your bosses.

Tip # 12: If you have two jobs look for challenges

This is the way you build your career. Look for challenges. If you have two jobs take the one with a challenge. If you think you can achieve something definable in a job, then use your judgement and take up that job.

Remember, such jobs can pay you well and not those which do not pose a challenge.

Tip # 13: Keep learning

Today everyone who wants to succeed in their job and build a career, has to keep learning. Why is it so? This is because, innovation is happening and not just that, it is reaching everyone. As more people receive this information, they become empowered and will be more learned.

This change is happening because, the medium of communication has become inexpensive, and the speed of communication has become, well, unimaginable. So, as your competitors get informed, you have to be informed too, to be in the race. A better informed person has more chances to do better in high paying job.

Tip # 14: Learn deep

Identify the job tasks in the position you are applying for or have joined. Make it a point to learn deep in as many tasks as possible. For instance, let us say you have applied for a C# (pronounced c sharp) job. The job tasks will be:


  • OOPs
  • Language syntax
  • Logic
  • Design Patterns
  • Database access
  • Domain knowledge
  • UI Design

Aerospace Manufacturing

  • RFQ
  • Reading a drawing
  • Machining processes
  • Machining vs technology
  • QC
  • Packaging


  • Keywords
  • Content development
  • Niche area
  • Speed of loading
  • Site security
  • On page SEO
  • Link building
  • Time on webpage

So, learn and master deep concepts in your chosen domain, and this is how build your core competency.

There is a subtle difference in learning deep and end to end coverage. Please note that. Learning deep in accounting is learning and mastering of financial statements, ratios, projections, project reports – the financial aspects, annual report, etc.

End to end in accounting means learning all of the above, learning about accounting software, knowing a bit on how accounting software are developed, learning how AI in accounting works and so on.

Tip # 15: Right channels for a high paying 6 figure salary job

World over there are many channels to get a job. Some of them are, get a college placement referrals, job fairs, paper ads, job portals, etc.

However, it is through referrals you are likely to get a high paying job.

Why is it so?

Firstly, people tend believe personal recommendations. Next, when you do not ask for a job or go searching for a job, the employer knows you are not really looking for a job, so you can demand a higher pay. Next, when someone recommends you, a good word usually precedes the recommendation. This plays an important part in you getting the higher salary you want.

Tip for students: (not directly related to a high paying job)

If you are studying, try hard for the on campus placements. Attend every interview, test and group discussions. If you have scored less and your name is below the cut off list, simply do this. List out all the companies which are visiting your institution for campus placements. List all the posts which are being advertised for. Identify people who are coming for the recruitment process.

Start the next step by contacting them directly, saying you are highly suitable for the job but missed out on the recruitment process. Tell them, your strengths and how in the last four or three years you have prepared yourself for taking up a job such as the one you are seeking.

Tip # 16: Network

Start networking among the HR professionals and company associations. This is the right place to get some contacts. Because, every town and city has such associations, start networking using this readily available infrastructure. This also paves the way for being recommend.

Tip # 17: Plan for a three ( 3 ) year tenure

Unless otherwise you have strong reasons to stick to a job, plan to move out of your job every three years. There are broadly two reasons for this. One, your contribution will reach a saturation point. And, chances are high, you can become kind of jaded.

The other reason, even though it applies to only certain companies, company work profiles are changing in a comparatively shorter period of time. If you think the company is solid and strong on sales stay or better plan ahead.

Tip # 18: Use social media to network

Write a blog post on your chosen domain and send the url to all the contacts you have. You will yourself see that your profile will receive a boost among your friends. Do not use social media to impress your friends. Use it to demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

In other words, use social media wisely. Use the various social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Twitter more for professional and career success.

Do not use them for airing your political views, sharing extreme content, or hate content.

Additional note:

Beware of automation

Automation is removing many jobs. It is expected that electric cars will replace gasoline cars in about 25 years. Countries such as India have planned for 40% electrification of passenger automobiles in 10 years. Countries such as USA and UK, are waiting for none, and are going ahead with electrification.

You know what this means. Let me explain. There are roughly around 100 components in a gasoline engine. All jobs which are needed to design, manufacture, test, approve, pack, dispatch components in a gasoline engine are going to vanish in the next 15 years. And, this will be felt gradually.

So, whichever job you have, take stock of whether automation or technological changes is affecting your company and whether the company you are working for is recognising these massive changes and are preparing for it. If not, prepare to leave.

Use your knowledge of automation to move into jobs which cannot be automated, which are – management with domain expertise. This combination skills are required for high paying six figure salary jobs.

Be trust worthy

One of the key things companies look for today is trustworthiness. Take the case of former President of USA Mr. Obama. He was trusted by majority of the people of USA and hence, was reelected. Take the case of Prime Minister of India. People trusted him immensely and he was reelected.

Listen to this Video:

Remember, trust worthiness does not mean not losing sight of your interests. There is no conflict between the two, that is, your interests and company’s interest.

The more trust worthy you are the bigger responsibility you are likely to get.

The common factor is the strength of the currency. This is one point you have to remember. The bigger the company the better chances of getting a higher pay.

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