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Develop Web ERP Software Using VS 2015

  • Using ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server as the tools, you will learn to build five core ERP modules based on the Multi Tier architecture recommended by Microsoft.
  • You will learn implementing inline GridView control, Transaction Management for a layered Web Application, build Data Access component and a Business Layer component.
  • Opens you to a world of opportunities in the lucrative ERP world.
  • You will be able to develop a Web ERP application including all the five modules and learn how to use the TreeView control and GridView control to implement transactions such as Purchase Invoice, Sales Order, and Sales Invoice.
  • You get the book and the source code making it easy for you to master and for customization. [for buyers only]
  • Full fledged software to manage finances, tracking inventory, income and expenses and operations.
  • Design invoices, vouchers, receipts, all forms and reports to your liking.

Develop ERP Software using ASP Core and Deploy to Azure

  • Learn how to develop a complete ERP application using ASP Core and leverage this knowledge to get ahead in the fast growing cloud business.
  • Developing ASP Core applications is not just about using C#, it is also about using MVC, Web APIs, JQuery with AJAX, and Code first approach to creating applications. You will learn all this with a hands on approach.
  • You will learn where each technology fits in, in the ‘end to end cycle of application development’, resulting in complete mastery of application development.
  • More importantly, you will learn these technologies in one go, with one domain as your reference, and in an integrated manner.
  • Newly added, Angular with ASP .Net Core. Learn how to create ERP Front End using Angular TypeScript based open source framework.
  • [Best read along with the book – WEB ERP Software using ASP.Net]

Data Science for ERP Software Developers

  • Learn to build a complete AI tool to detect analomies in transactions – Master the logic behind Fraud detection using Artificial Intelligence.
  • The above feature is sought after by all companies to ensure they are not being taken for a ride.
  • Learn Python programming using jupyter notebook.
  • Learn Python Numpy library for statistical operations and matrix computations.
  • Lay a good foundation for yourselves to become a ERP data scientist, a lucrative market to enter today.
  • Learn python pandas library for data analysis.
  • Learn different types of machine algorithms and logic behind them, and How to build a machine learning models for classification, and association analysis.
  • Analysing machine learning use cases.
  • Ideal for developers who have a application development background
  • Learn to sift through database of 60,000 transactions and identify fraud transactions using AI Autoencoder Neural Neworks [download database]

Develop Ethereum Blockchain Application

  • Ethereum Blockchain Application development book is the latest addition to Learner Pack.
  • Blockchain has become the preferred technology for critical domains like Finance, Real estate and Cryptocurrency.
  • Demand for Blockchain specialists far exceeds supply and is expected to continue for many years. Due to this demand supply gap, salaries for Blockchain developers have increased multi-fold.
  • With this book, you can position yourself for a lucrative career.
  • This application development book explains using a step by step approach on how to create a Dapp (Blockchain application) project using Truffle framework, writing smart contracts using solidity programming, deployment techniques to Ethereum Blockchain, creating a user interface for Dapp application to interact with the smart contract and all the steps required for complete application development.
  • Combined with the ever green ERP domain knowledge, you will further enhance your career prospects [Best if you learn all the free tutorials – note we keep adding new lessons]

Develop Azure Applications

  • Azure Cloud is gaining popularity and is competing with Amazon Elastic Cloud and Google Cloud for a spot in the billion dollar Cloud computing space.
  • With this book, you will learn how to use – Table (an Azure Table is different from a SQL Server Table), Queue, Blob storage services, use your local machine to create an Application and a Service, how Azure splits a Table to achieve Load Balancing.
  • You will be able to build Azure applications, and also Scale based on the Partition Key, AppFabric Service Bus, Access Control Service, understand role of Fabric Controller, master features of Azure SQL Database and Content Delivery Network.
  • Many have mastered Cloud Programming and are enjoying immense Career and Monetary benefits. Why not you?
  • Master Azure Paas development every developer should know.
  • Leverage your existing ERP application knowledge to build scalable ERP cloud applications, and multiply your opportunities.

Database Programming using C# 2015, Visual Basic 2015 and SQL Server

  • A foundation book to Master Accounting Software Development, VB.Net, C# and OOPs programming. Detailed explanation of the Accounting domain for programmers is included. SQL and ADO.Net is also covered in detail.
  • A thorough understanding of the contents will enable you to grasp the topics covered in the accompanying books quite easily. This is because, the accounting domain which is the core domain of ERP, is dealt with great detail in this book.
  • The ideal book to get started with software application development in the .Net world..
  • Gain a thorough understanding of database design and grasp the intricate nature of accounting software design and double entry system.
  • Master End to End app development covering menus, UI, forms, vouchers and reports.
  • Master the chart of accounts system and customize it to your clients and businesses.
  • Download Chart of Accounts here

Develop IoT Application using Azure Services

  • In this book you will learn from the basics how to build your own IoT application. The business opportunities are huge and you will be pleased to see content designed to get you started on building and creating IoT applications..
  • Azure services are powerful in their capabilities. Master developing IoT (Internet of things) applications using Azure stream analytics. .
  • Combined with event hubs you can create any number of Azure applications and imagination is the limit.
  • Master how to process millions of messages.
  • Learn how to master ingesting high volume of data in your IoT solution.
  • Learn to use your dot .net application to send events and simulate working of devices.

ASP.Net MVC 5 Application Development Using Entity Framework 6 and VS 2015

  • Entity frameworks is the latest buzz in .Net programming and is the data access technology for Microsoft OS based hand held devices and web applications. Learn to integrate EF into an ASP.Net Application and MVC application.
  • Create, explore and query the Entity Data Model. Learn how to use ObjectDataSource control and GridView control in an ASP.Net Application.
  • Also, learn to build Three-Tier MVC ASP.Net application, create a business-class, implement methods in the class to perform CRUD operations and bind a GridView to the ObjectDataSource control. Learn how to handle concurrency and managing Transactions.
  • Learn to create an Entity data model from an existing database and build a MVC application.
  • Master database first and code first approach to build any of your MVC ASP.Net app.
  • Learn to build applications at blazing speed and grab orders from customers.

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