ERP SCM Consultant IFS

ERP SCM Consultant – IFS

A ERP IFS SCM Consultant should be able to implement:

Inventory Processes:
Understand Inventory Process Flow, Create Part and Part Structure, Create Warehouse Structure, Categorize Remote Warehouse, Implement Inventory Transactions, Create Goods Receipt and Quality Inspection, Identify Additional Basic Data and Requirements, Calculate Stock Deviation using available tools, create and implement Serial Tracking and Condition Codes, Identify Internal Requirements, Calculate Counting, Implement Replenishment, Inventory Transactions and Reports, Inventory Valuation

Advanced Inventory Processes:
Understand Procurement process flow, Identify Basic Data for Procurement, Identify Company’s Purchase Requisitions, Create Supplier Quotations, Create Purchase Orders, Implement Change Management, Create and Implement Sub-Contracting, Identify and allocate Authorizations, implement Goods receipt and quality inspection, Understand Company’s Price Management system and implement the same, Supply Chain matrix, Generate Reports/Printouts, Implement SRM Introduction, SRM basic data setup, Create prospective suppliers, Insert SRM info for a supplier, Promote prospect to a Supplier, Introduction to Business Activities, Create business activities, Business mail.

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