ERP Project Consultant IFS

ERP Projects Consultant – IFS

Projects Consultant Should be familiar:
Project Management, Initiate a New Project, understand company requirements and establish project plan, understand and plan and assign project resources, define project deliverables, once data is entered approve project, manually connect object to activities, execute project misc. demands, execute each activity, complete and close a project, additional project functionality, added project planning capabilities, project cost / revenue elements, advanced topics in project resources, project deliverables and quotation, lists, planned netting groups and project MRP, project analysis.

Be familiar with and implement project reporting, project reporting setup – report codes, project reporting setup – pricing, project reporting setup – overheads, report project time and cost, project cost accounting and invoicing, analyze project reporting, multi-company project reporting, project reporting for contractors advanced topics in project reporting.

Be familiar with and implement Project Budgeting and Forecasting, Create project budget, develop project budget, approve project budget, enable/create budget control rules, approve and execute project, create project forecast, develop project forecast, approve project forecast, forecast analysis, cost breakdown structures, multiple currencies, resource forecasting, forecasting by code part values.

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