ERP Manufacturing Consultant - IFS

ERP Manufacturing Consultant – IFS

Manufacturing Consultant should be familiar with:
Manufacturing Process Flows in the Company, Manufacturing Standards implemented in the industry sector, how raw materials, semi finished products, and finished products are Routed, Manufacturing Structures, Work Guidelines, Create and Maintain Shop Orders, Handle Shop Orders, Implementing Merge and Split Shop Orders, Introduction to Shop Order Cost and Analysis

Have a good Overview of Costing, be able to identify Costing Basic Data, implement Inventory Valuation, implement Product Costing, Cost Calculation and Maintain Cost Data, Analyze Cost Calculation

Should be familiar in creating shop Floor Reporting, implement Basic Data setup, identify Routings, Shop Floor Workbench, Time Clock, identify Start & Stop Operations, create Report Operations and Indirect Operations, identify and implement Additional functionalities, Analyze and edit Reported Data, able to implement Authorization of Reporting

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