ERP Finance Consultant IFS

ERP Finance Consultant – IFS

ERP Finance IFS Consultant should be familiar with:

Be able to implement Accounting Features
Common features such as Company Creation, Create Chart of Accounts and Code String, Accounting Calendar, Record Currencies which company deals with, Tax Codes and Payment, Terms, Voucher types, Posting controls, Manual Vouchers, Update General Ledger, General Ledger Analysis

Advanced Accounting Features
Implement Accounts Payable, Create and implement Supplier Invoicing, create Basic Data for Supplier Invoicing, Invoice Types, Processing an Invoice, Supplier Debit/Credit notes, Supplier Advance invoicing, Posting Proposals, Authorizing Supplier Invoice, Invoice Cancellation, Supplier Payment, Accounts Payable Follow Up & Analysis

Advanced Accounting Features – 2
Understand and Overview Accounts Receivable, Basic Data for Accounts Receivable, Instant Invoicing, Customer Payment, Customer Offset and Netting, Bad Debt Management, Customer Credit Management, Accounts Receivable and Follow up, Analysis

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