ERP Field Service Mgt. Developer - IFS

ERP Field Service Mgt. Developer – IFS

A Developer is expected to write programs which are executed by a software system. A Consultant on the other hand, is not expected to know how to write programs.

Consultant should be familiar with FSM configuration: configuration overview, configuration architecture application parameters, handle localization, user interface design overview, FSM metadata and how to customize, FSM internal message structure and usage, configure the custom business flow (business rule), FSM studio menu features.

Consultant should be familiar and proficient in Server customization, modeling server customization using entities and policies, modeling mpm in app server and its usage.

He/she should be proficient in Debug server customization, client customization, user interface design, code level customization in the smart client and usage, debug client customization, screen navigation, utilization of MPM in clients.

FSM mobile configuration: FSM mobile introduction and overview, data setup and installation of the mobile client, architectural overview of FSM design, app parameters, mobile sync rules, mobile designer, handling localization, error and validation.

FSM mobile customization, FSM client scripting, codeless screen configuration, (Android/IOS/Windows), customize the mobile code using, android studio, debug mobile source code (code debug, using logcat), android app release process, ABM process.

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