ERP Developer Consultant - IFS

ERP Developer Consultant – IFS

IFS Developer consultant should be familiar with component-based architecture, IFS’ layered application architecture, use IFS’ proprietary tools to generate code from models, manipulate metadata to change the behavior of the business logic examine the popular framework packages, creating and upgrading scripts.

Familiar with OData Protocol, IFS Aurena Framework, working with Projection Files, work with Client Files, creating and modifying elements, pages and working with the navigator, work with selectors and adding, LOV functionality, searching for your data in IFS Aurena, manipulating CRUD operations, write commands, work with dialogs and assistants, translations and security in IFS, aurena, layered application development support in IFS Aurena.

Be familiar with IFS Middle Tier Architecture, be able to work in the setup development environment, modeling REST Services in IFS Cloud, logging and debugging support, advanced topics integration development.

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