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Earn Money in Genius ERP

Genius ERP focus is on small- to mid-sized manufacturers.

Existing since more than 25 years, Genius Solutions began in Quebec’s southeast region, in an area of townships with engineering and manufacturing companies.

Built over the years, with several iterations, Genius ERP is a complete end-to-end ERP solution for SME manufacturers and is used across North America.

However, in general, here are some approaches you can consider to earn money with an ERP software:

  1. Implementation and consulting services: Offer implementation services to businesses adopting Genius ERP or similar ERP systems. Assist organizations in setting up and configuring the software, defining business processes, and integrating it with other systems. Provide consulting services to optimize operations, improve efficiency, and ensure effective use of the software. Charge fees based on the scope and complexity of the implementation project or consulting engagement.

    Domain experts in the following industries can offer Implementation and consulting services. Manufacturing, Bakery, Tool and Die, Transportation, and Automation.

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  2. Customization and development: Offer customization and development services for Genius ERP. Customize the software to align with clients’ unique business requirements and processes. Develop custom reports, dashboards, or extensions that enhance the functionality of the ERP system. Charge fees based on the complexity and extent of the customization or development work.
  3. Training and education: Develop and deliver training programs or workshops to educate individuals and organizations on effectively using Genius ERP or similar ERP systems. Create online courses, instructor-led training sessions, or training materials to teach the functionalities and features of the software. Monetize these training programs by charging a fee for participation or certification.
  4. Support and maintenance: Provide ongoing support and maintenance services to businesses using Genius ERP or similar ERP systems. Assist with troubleshooting technical issues, resolving software errors, and offering user support. Stay updated with the latest releases and updates from the ERP provider to provide timely assistance and recommendations. Charge a recurring fee for your support services or establish service-level agreements (SLAs) with clients.
  5. Integration services: Offer integration services to connect Genius ERP with other systems used by businesses. Assist with data synchronization, workflow automation, and seamless information exchange between Genius ERP and other applications such as financial systems, CRM software, or inventory management systems. Charge fees based on the complexity and scope of the integration project.

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  6. Reporting and analytics: Utilize the reporting and analytics capabilities of Genius ERP or similar ERP systems to provide insights and decision support to businesses. Develop customized reports, dashboards, or analytics solutions to meet specific reporting needs. Help organizations make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations. Charge fees based on the complexity and value of the reporting and analytics services provided.

To succeed in earning money with Genius ERP or any other ERP system, it’s important to have in-depth knowledge of the software, stay updated with the latest releases and features, and build a strong reputation within the ERP community. Networking with professionals in the ERP space, obtaining relevant certifications, and effectively marketing your services will also help you attract clients and grow your business.

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